Welcome to Divident Dental Clinic!

The staff of Divident is a caring team which provides an excellent quality dental service to both residents of Armenia as well as tourists who visit our country. If you are looking for a high quality dental service combined with a gentle and caring approach you’ve found us! If you want to install implants, veneers, dentures, crowns, bridges, plan teeth whitening or any other dental treatment you can rely on Divident. You can always get objective information about the treatment as we never make false promises. You can get information about the exact stage of treatment. We know that it is very difficult to make a decision to come to a foreign country and trust your dental care and recovery service to a clinic. Our team is aware of this and will do its best to make your stay perfect. We feel great pride in helping our patients regain their smile and self-confidence. You’ll sense that we are rather attentive to details. We make use of the best dental materials and equipment from such countries as Switzerland, Japan, Germany, France and the USA.

We attach great importance to the professional development of our specialists. We cooperate with leading international dental associations. Our doctors participate in international conferences on advances in dentistry and are fully prepared for the use of advanced technologies.  Our clinic is a patient-centered medical home where you can express your needs and expectations in any language. Our team ensures you that you will feel comfortable and confident at every stage of the treatment. Divident is equipped with an excellent laboratory, which means that we can provide you with excellent results in the shortest period of time possible. Since 2002, our team members have been working together to provide exceptional care to both patients living in Armenia as well as foreigners. An individual approach, confidentiality and high quality treatment is guaranteed to all our patients. We use exclusively premium quality materials and equipment which enables us to achieve high quality in our work and provide long-term guarantee.

While working out a treatment plan our goal is to prevent the occurrence of problems in the long term. As a result we offer enduring dental solutions which will allow you to save money in the future. The combination of quality and service that you deserve is reflected in the fair prices that we offer. Our goal is to reach such a result that after returning home, and even many years later, you will still be satisfied with our work.

Our Services

Divident Dental Clinic works in different directions. We have a variety of options that allow us to select the one which will suit especially you, including the price category. The main profile of the clinic Divident is Restorative dentistry; this is a branch of dentistry involved in the rehabilitation of the dentition to functional and aesthetic requirements of the individual.

We perform complex dental implant surgeries as well as bone tissue reconstructing surgeries in our clinic.

In Divident we take all necessary steps to offer you the highest quality dental service possible. Complex care and best patient service is our credo.

We know that going to a dentist can be difficult for many of us. Did you know that one person out of five has a phobia of dentistry? Our gentle and caring treatment will help you to overcome your fears. You will feel surprisingly relaxed by the atmosphere in our clinic! Patients are always at the center of our attention feeling as comfortable as possible. We also apply so-called sleep dentistry which may be a solution for many dental phobias. It’s our care and dedication to you that sets us apart.

Medical service guarantee depends on a number of factors. The durability of this or that medical service in particular in dentistry depends equally on both the skillfulness of the specialist and the quality of the materials used, as well as on the individual characteristics of the patient and the level of their health-consciousness.

Generally dental clinics rarely give guarantees for their work. We do believe that one should opt for a reputable major clinic, which provides a guarantee for their work. Choosing our clinic patients should be sure that our treatment is worth the investment they make. We hope that you choose us due to our experience and reputation in the sphere of providing high quality care and treatment which is the result of our long and hard work.