Conditionally removable beam construction on 4 implants

Implant-based removable dentures are used in case of a complete loss of teeth. This is due to the fact that the fixation of completely removable dentures by using only the effect of suction – leaves much to be desired. This can lead to the constant sliding of the denture, broken diction, and discomfort while eating. Completely removable dentures are especially badly fixed in the lower jaw. In this regard, several systems have been developed that can improve complete denture fixation. In this case, at first 2-4 implants are installed in the jaw, and afterwards a steel beam is made between them. In the projection of such a beam on the inner surface of the denture recesses are made to corresponds to the exact size of the beam and one or more silicone matrixes are inserted, which tightly brace the beam during the usage of the denture. As a result, you get a very strong fixation of the prosthesis. Denture supported by the beam demonstrates excellent stabilization when chewing. Possibility to remove the prosthesis ensures good hygiene. Additional stabilization of implants ensures successful outcome of implantation.