Dental Implantology First Phantom Course by IFZI in Armenia

Տարածաշրջանում առաջին անգամ տեղի ունեցավ IFZI ֆանտոմ կուրս` Մանֆրեդ Լանգի գլխավորությամբ
Dental Implantology First Phantom Course by IFZI in Armenia
Տարածաշրջանում առաջին անգամ տեղի ունեցավ IFZI ֆանտոմ կուրս` պրոֆեսոր Մանֆրեդ Լանգի գլխավորությամբ
Dental Implantology First Phantom Course by IFZI in Armenia


On February 28 – March 2, Divident Dental Clinic of Yerevan and Bredent Medical company of Germany organized a series of training events in Yerevan in participation of dentists and dental implantologists from Armenia and Georgia. Dr. Manfred Lang from Germany (founder of IFZI training center with his methodology – went through the IFZI training program of dental implantology, as well as demonstrated the training modules on phantoms brought from Germany. As a result of the training program, Davit Galstyan, dental implantologist at Divident dental clinic, was awarded a title of dental implantation international instructor (by IFZI).

During the program live surgeries were also organized and shown to doctors from Armenia and Georgia. On February 28, Dr. Davit Galstyan performed live surgeries of White Sky dental implant placement (zirconium implant placement with cosmetic solutions) and Fast & Fixed implantation surgery (placement of implants and provisorium in one session, after which an edentulous patient gets teeth on implants after one surgery session of four hours).

On March 1, Dr. Manfred Lang, founder of IFZI international training center, Clinical Associate Professor at the Department of Implant Dentistry of New York University delivered presentation to dental implantologists from Armenia on the steps, modules, details and importance of phantom course training as a path to professional surgery skills for dental implantation.

On March 2, Professor Manfred Lang trained doctors from Armenia and Georgia on dental implantation surgeries on phantoms based on different clinical case scenarios. The participants received an international certificate of dental implantation courses by IFZI on phantoms. Dr. Davit Galstyan of Divident dental clinic received a certificate of IFZI instructor.

During the series of the dental implantation course and master class events a group of doctors from Armenia and Georgia, coordinated by Dr. Davit Galstyan under the auspices of Bredent Medical of Germany implemented several live surgeries for dentists from Armenia and Georgia. Among such surgeries were – placement of White Sky zirconium dental implant by Bredent Medical (being made of white zirconium material, it is an excellent aesthetics solution for front teeth where metallic implants could be visible when smiling), tooth removal and placement of dental implants through Bredent’s Fast | Gentle | Aesthetic concept (it allows fast fixture of a crown on an implant through few interventions with short treatment periods, whereas reduced force is applied on the bones thanks to Bredent Medical’s BioHPP solution; it provides great aesthetic solution with no repeated gingiva trauma), and Fast & Fixed surgery with Bredent Medical’s protocol (it allows patients with edentulous jaws to walk out of the clinic with fixed teeth in four hours of one surgery session that is implemented by a team of a doctor and technician).

A group of dental implantologists arrived from Georgia with a delegation headed by Georgia’s chief implantologist Vladimer Margvelashvili, and among the guests from Georgia were implantologists from clinics such as Dens, Elite Keramico, Exner & Company, Dentex 95, and Antiposi.

The participants of the series of events were introduced to innovative dental implantation and restorative surgery concepts, training programs and dental/medical tourism opportunities in Armenia.

The series of training and surgery events in Armenia were organized by Bredent Medical’s Armenian and Georgian sales offices co-founder Kamo Mailyan and Divident dental clinic of Yerevan.