pics-fFast &  Fixed Dental Implants: Same Day Teeth Implants

The technique allows installing implants and immediately afterwards the non-removable bridge within several hours.

This system is recommended for patients with moderate bone loss. It is ideal for patients who are not entitled to traditional methods of implantation, as well as patients who are unwilling or to whom bone building is contraindicated.

Technology and technique: during a single visit implantation of the entire jaw is finished. Bone building is not required even in case of bone resorption. The installation of a fixed bridge is carried out on 4-6 specialized implants (Germany).

SKY Fast & Fixed implant system /6 имплантов (верхняя челюсть) / Bredent-medical Германия

Live Surgery “Fast and Fixed” Bredent Medical (GAPI) · 25 апреля ·

SKY Fast & Fixed implant system /4 импланта (нижняя челюсть) / Bredent-medical Германия