Medical service guarantee depends on a number of factors. The durability of this or that medical service in particular in dentistry depends equally on both the skillfulness of the specialist and the quality of the materials used, as well as on the individual characteristics of the patient and the level of their health-consciousness.

Despite this our clinic provides guarantees on the following procedures if certain requirements are observed.

Your dentist will provide you with the guarantees for the following procedures:

  • Metal-ceramic and zircon-ceramic crowns and abutment – 3 years
  • Prettau zircon-ceramic crowns and abutment – 5 years
  • Nobel Biocare, Bredent-medical implants – lifetime (manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Alpha Bio implants – 10 years (manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Removable dentures – 2 years

Our guarantee is below 100% for cases involving bone grafting

The warranty will not be considered valid in the following cases:

  1. The patient does not adhere to the dentist’s recommendations related to oral hygiene
  2. The patient fails to comply with the instructions of the doctor
  3. The patient does not show up for the check up at least once a year
  4. In case of careless use of prostheses (e.g. breakage due to a fall)
  5. In case of sudden weight gain or weight loss
  6. The patient has an illness which has influence on the state of teeth, gums, bones and jaw: diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, radiation and chemotherapy
  7. The patient receives treatment at another dental clinic before the complaint.
  8. The patient doesn’t like the colour of his teeth any more.
  9. Abuse of tobacco
  10. In case the patient doesn’t inform the company about the warranty case, etc.

If there is a warranty case the company does not pay the travel and stay expenses.

Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

Dental Clinic Divident requests that patients visit the Clinic for annual dental check-up during the guarantee period. If this is not possible the patient should visit a local dentist for an exam and cleaning once a year during the guarantee period.

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