MiniSKY Mini implants – the best modern method of fixing dentures. Thin titanium rods resemble traditional implants, but differ in their function.

Mini implants are thin screws made from titanium alloy on which dentures are fixed. These mini-implants are becoming more popular nowadays due to the convenience, the absence of pain, minimum period of healing (osseointegration). Mini-implants have a thin small circular head fixed by a rubber O-ring and functions as a nest, which reliably covers and holds the circular head. Mini-implant installing does not take much time and effort. The whole operation lasts 30 minutes.

What are the advantages of mini-implants? There are as follows:

  • fewer contraindications to installation;
  • minimal trauma;
  • high rate of implant placement (per procedure);
  • lower price in comparison with root-form dental implants;
  • full dental function almost immediately after installation.

Recommendation for use

The main application of mini implants is orthopedic dentistry. Mini implants are a convenient alternative to the adhesive denture fastening. In case of removable prosthetics 2-4 mini implants are installed creating a secure basis for the removable structure.

Fixation of the denture on the mini implants is a rational solution for those who:

  • Have allergic reaction to the components of the adhesive material, to which the denture is attached.
  • Cannot install implants and fix non-removable crowns due to age or a number of contraindications.
  • Are looking for an economical option, but would not like to use the traditional denture (fixed with glue).
  • Hyper sensitively responds to the presence of artificial flavor in a fixing adhesive or gel.
  • Exclude solid food from the diet as a result of the constant fear of “losing” denture.
  • Due to periodontal problems cannot expose the gum to more stress (denture fixed on mini implants has a gentle impact on the gum).