Everybody knows that if you smoke, or treat yourself with a cup of coffee, unpleasant darkening of the teeth cannot be avoided. What is the solution to this dilemma? give up your habits or accept the inevitable? There is a solution to this problem – teeth whitening. After all, these are fast and efficient methods suitable for your teeth.
One of the safest ways widely known nowadays is so-called light, laser or photobleaching.
Teeth photobleaching is one of the most modern and effective ways of professional teeth whitening. Thanks to the experience and the newest equipment, our specialists will return the whiteness to your smile!
Teeth photobleaching procedure is simple. A special gel is applied to the teeth. Under the light of a special lamp it is activated and whitens teeth. Oxygen is liberated from the gel and decomposes the dark pigments on the teeth. 30-40 minutes of patience and your teeth will be really snow white!

Photobleaching procedure has several advantages:

  • Quick results (procedure lasts from 30 minutes to 50 minutes)
  • The procedure is safe for teeth enamel
  • High efficiency of the result
  • No side effects
  • Minimum contraindications
  • Long-term preservation of the result

With the help of photobleaching even very dark enamel can be whitened. Meanwhile, neither the teeth nor the gums or mucous membranes of the mouth are adversely affected. The procedure is painless and does not cause any discomfort.

The result of photobleaching lasts for 1-3 years! To maintain the results of photobleaching our experts will offer you additional tips on caring for your teeth and the entire oral cavity.In this case the whitening effect will last even longer. But even without the extra effort teeth remain white for a long time. After some time another procedure will be needed.

Give your smile a white and radiant look!