The team of high-level doctors of the Yerevan clinic “Divident” conducted highly professional master classes

Команда высококлассных врачей ереванской клиники “Дивидент” провели высокопрофессиональные мастер-классы
«Դիվիդենտ» բարձրակարգ կլինիկայի թիմը Վրաստանում մասնակցել է որակավորման բարձրացման դասընթացի
The team of high-level doctors of the Yerevan clinic “Divident” conducted highly professional master classes
Bredent group Germany with bredent Georgia held an implantology course for enhancing qualification
19 октября в Грузии был организован курс повышения квалификации для грузинских и армянских имплантологов
19 ოქტომბერს, საქართველოში, ქართველი და სომეხი იმპლანტოლოგებისთვის კვალიფიკაციის ასამაღლებელი კურსები ჩატარდა


On October 19, Georgia organized an advanced training course for Georgian and Armenian implantologists. The event was attended by export manager of bredent medical Wolfgang Lechner (Dipl.-Wi.-Inf., MBA, MSc), from Germany.

The seminar participants had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the prospects of introducing new operational technologies, with the possibility of retraining for local doctors.

The team of high-level doctors of the Yerevan clinic “Divident” under the guidance of the consultant of the German company “bredent medical” IFZI organizer Davit Galstyan conducted highly professional master classes – demonstrative operations and a training course in implantology /Practical training program (performed on an artificial patient) for surgical and orthopedic work during implantation/. There were presentations on various topics: prosthetics on implants, discussion of complex clinical cases.

During the seminar, implantologists got acquainted with the basics of implantology, installed implants on a phantom model, and discussed possible clinical cases. A demonstration of Fast | Gentle | Aesthetic (Implantation without delay – in the cosmetic zone) was held.

The following transactions were carried out during the training courses by a group of physicians:

1. For several hours a tooth extraction, implant installation, and fixation of the crown was carried out thanks to the use of Fast | Gentle | Aesthetic. Implantation without delay – Fast | Gentle | Aesthetic | (Fast | Immediate “gap closure” – few interventions with short period of time.) Gentle | Reduced force on the bones thanks to BioHPP®. Aesthetic | No repeated gingiva trauma – gives the impression of a natural tooth stump.

2. Operation with the usage of Fast&Fixed concept, which resulted in a person with full adentia on the same day received normally functioning teeth (the method allows to install implants and fixed construction even for 4 hours).

3. During the third operation, the installation of the white SKY zirconium implant produced by the company “bredent medical” was carried out and the temporary tooth was installed.

White SKY is a single component zirconium oxide implant, which is a biocompatible material. Implants made from this material are recommended for patients who are allergic to metals. Zirconia implants are perfect for the frontal group of teeth, where the metal can be visible through soft tissues. They make it possible to achieve a good result – a high line of a smile, a subtle biotype of the gum.

Zirconia implants are becoming an increasingly popular means of restoring a beautiful smile, especially due to their aesthetic effect and excellent compatibility with the tissues of the body. White zirconium does not cause an allergic reaction and looks absolutely natural, like a natural tooth. The use of zirconium implants also avoids the translucence of the gray line along the edge of the gums, which is often observed when using a metal.
In general surgery, zirconium has long been used as a material for implants, but only recently it has become indispensable in dentistry. It became particularly popular in recent years, when scientists in studies on the safety and durability of bioceramics demonstrated that this material optimally corresponds to the conditions of use in the jaw.

Leaders and leading experts of Georgian clinics Dentex 95, Dens, Antipos, Exner and the Company, Prime Dent took part in the event.

The organizer of the events is bredent Georgia together with the German company bredent group.