Implantation WhiteSKY: Zirconium Implants Bredent-Medical Germany

White Sky monocomponent implants are made of zirconium oxide, which is a biocompatible material. Implants made of this material are recommended for patients who are very sensitive to a variety of foreign substances. They are also ideal for the front teeth, where the metal can become visible through the soft tissues if in contact with the direct rays of the light. Zirconium oxide is a rather durable material, its unique carvings and bioactive surface enhance fixation of artificial root in the bone.

It is important that the soft tissues are well adapted to the implant of zirconium oxide preventing the accumulation of dental plaque and thus improving the hygiene. The most obvious advantage of zirconia implants is their natural-looking white color. It should be mentioned that these implants are very durable due to the use of yttrium-stabilized zirconia.

The unique design of the implant neck allows the introduction of the implant with the voltage needed. The advantages of prosthetics with the above mentioned implants are as follows:

  • during the surgery there is no need to carry out additional measures as the implants are natural white and do not show through thin gums;
  • lack of dark shadows or metal edge in the cervical area;
  • the analysis of certain results reveals that zirconia retains its aesthetic characteristics for a long time;
  • high primary stability allows for immediate implementation of dentures shortly after tooth extraction and implant insertion;
  • high chemical inertness allows for the material to be used even in cases of allergy to metal;
  • in comparison with the traditional implantation White SKY insertion is much less invasive, traumatic;
  • in case of a sufficient jawbone density there is a possibility for an immediate functional loading;
  • minimal risk of complications after the immediate implant placement at the time of tooth removal.