BioHPP – high quality polymer

BioHPP (High Performance Polymer) is an optimized material used in dentistry having  PEEK (polyetheretherketone) at its basis.

This material is used in medicine for the manufacturing of dental bridges, implant based dentures, as well as for manufacturing of individual abutments.

Advantages and disadvantages of BioHPP

  1. Biocompatible metal-free design, no interaction with other materials, does not colour the gum, is ideal for allergy sufferers;
  2. Production of crowns and bridges in the full anatomical shape.
  3. Durable – antagonist teeth are not subject to abrasion.
  4. Flexible – having the same elasticity as the bone there is less stress on the implants.
  5. Cushions the load – chewing load is distributed evenly, without overload – recommended for use in implantology.
  6. The possibility of composite coating – excellent aesthetics, the possibility of direct fixing (in the mouth).

The particular advantage of Bio HPP is its high biocompatibility which leads to bone merging, chemical stability, resistance to gamma and X-rays, and X-ray transparency (not subject to the formation of artifacts). Furthermore, it is very close to the skeletal mechanical properties.

Thanks to the high durability, due to the special ceramic filler (particle size of the ceramic filler is from 0.3 to 0.5 microns), the optimal polish ability, due to fineness of the ceramic filler and minimum chances of dental plaque formation, BioHPP is especially suitable for making high quality denture. The elasticity of the material which lies within the range of bone, makes it a more natural material, as it is able to compensate for the torsion of bone, particularly in case of large volumes of prosthetics. Aesthetic white color «White Shade» is one more argument in favor of using this material in the field of prosthetics. Insolubility in water ensures the biocompatibility of the material making it an ideal solution for allergy sufferers. High performance polymers have a very great potential to serve as shell material, both for fixed and removable dentures. In combination with secondary metallic or ceramic structures BioHPP achieves excellent frictional properties. Thus wearing comfort and ease of installation and removal are of primary importance to the patients. Inert properties exclude the possibility of interaction with other materials. Thanks to the possibility of chewing loads amortization they are applied in implantology.

New materials as BioHPP, to achieve the perfect solutions functionally and aesthetically.